Regional decentralisation experts met in Kyiv

Formation of capable hromadas and establishment of intermunicipal cooperation are some of the most important issues of decentralisation of power.

To provide information on these areas, the U-LEAD with Europe Programme has organised a training for decentralisation experts of all 24 Local Government Development Centres in Kyiv. From 27 till 29 March, they will be able to get the theoretical information on the technique of organising effective cooperation, exchange practical experience and learn how to work with an audience full of criticism.

Speeches of Ivan Lukerya and Yanina Kazyuk, coordinators of the Central Reform Office under MinRegion of Ukraine, on the topic of perspective plans for the formation of AHs and state financial support are planned. Serhiy Sharshov, Director of the Department of Local Self-Government and Territorial Organisation of Minregion, will inform the advisers about the actual vision of the reform path and new tasks. Participants will also be able to enhance their skills in presentation and discussion by practicing on the camera and receiving advice from Andriy Suslenko, presenter of the 5th Channel.